Growth and the desire to learn do not leave you once you have finished school. In these dynamic times, people are expected to learn continuously, to keep up with trends in technology, in media, and in many other areas of their lives. As the premier e-learning company in Melbourne and Australia, we know that to stagnate is to fall behind.

But our busy selves find it difficult to put the time aside to walk in to a classroom and sit down. Time is tight, and our moments of relaxation are brief, briefer than ever, given the expectations of on-demand productivity. That is why many fields are transitioning towards online learning courses, to provide immediate accessibility to their employees, and keep them updated.

The advantage of the online course is its flexibility. Your student is able to make use of it with only a laptop or smartphone, and a few moments of spare time. At Octivo Digital, our online dashboard needs are provided by our OctivoGrid system, allowing user-friendly access to learning material, tools, and CMS. Furthermore, it is available offline, through TinCan.

When you’re ready for a tailored solution to your e-learning, the finest company in Melbourne, and in Australia, is waiting for your call.

Located in southern Victoria at the northern extreme of Port Phillips Bay, Melbourne is among Australia’s cultural and sporting hubs. Well known for its Victorian architecture and fixation on good eateries, Melbourne plays host to the Australian Grand Prix and Australian Open tennis series.