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We specialise in designing and developing bespoke e-Learning solutions using video, audio and animation to enrich the user experience and make digital learning more beautiful, usable and fun.


We are storytellers

A technique that Octivo specialises in is the use of a storytelling approach to learning design. We use this approach because experience has shown us that finding a relatable story pays real dividends in learning engagement.

Things like beautiful design really help with engagement. Well considered interactions that are very focused on the actual workplace help. Where possible, Octivo likes to provide multiple pathways through the material, opened up by carefully designed questions. This allows people to ‘get to the chase’ if they are ready to while others may take a longer, slower journey to the same point.

What we do

We teach people via intelligent human stories

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Our Solutions


At the leading edge of eLearning, Octivo builds highly engaging, visually stunning learning that is available anytime and anywhere, crafted for your learners. Octivo works with any authoring system (including Octivo’s own), any LMS or HRS and other supportive technologies to create cost effective learning courses, micro-learning, scenario-based training, just-in-time learning and advanced, immersive learning experiences.



Instructor-led learning can happen in a classroom or workshop through a range of modes, including webinar, video conference or other means. Octivo’s services include the development all the delivery and support materials to make this an amazing experience.



Blended learning combines the best of instructor-led and on-demand learning. Blended learning provides flexibility, diversity and reinforcement. Many learning solutions deliver a hybrid of on-demand digital learning, followed by instructor-led workshops.


Digital Learning

Digital learning platforms provide the platform on which online learning occurs. Octivo has expertise across many platforms, from the most well-known to the smaller ones. Octivo can implement the client’s chosen platform or provide clients the option to use Octivo’s own learning platform.


Integrated Learning Strategy Development

Experts in diverse learning, Octivo will help you develop a learning strategy that meets your needs, is engaging, contemporary, and crafted for the intended audience. Octivo’s combination of evidence-based strategies and advanced technology is unbeatable.


Our Solutions

Digital Learning

Interactive online courses built with any platform.
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Instructor-led Learning

Webinars and live streaming lectures. Read More >

Blended Learning

A mix of digital learning and live streaming.
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Digital Learning Platforms

Integrated Learning Strategy Development

Authoring Tools

Octivo has an extensive skillset across the following learning technologies and authoring tools: SCORM, xAPI, AICC, HTML5, H5P, RESPONSIVE FRAMEWORKS code, over 30 LMS systems, Articulate Storyline 360, Rise, Evolve, Captivate, Adapt and iSpring. Octivo also uses its own authoring tool.


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Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Octivo | Digital Learning

This course was designed to provide insight into the subject of biases that individuals may not be aware they have. The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of types of bias and equip teams with strategies to manage and overcome bias.

Australian Open

Australian Open | Team Induction Demo

This online induction showcases a simple way to onboard a large team
of individuals in a time-sensitive environment. Simplifying key points of information, learners are able to pick-up-and-play from any device in their
own time.

Farm To Home

Royal Sydney Easter Show | Online Learning Concept

This online learning concept provides people of all ages with the ability to immerse themselves into the Royal Easter Show from their own home. Through a blended learning approach, individuals interact with a physical mail-out box of items, with the direction of learning driven through the online experience.

Family Man

Learning Style: Video based / Choose your own adventure / Interactive video

Family Man is backed by evidence-based parenting strategies that actually work. Developed by Movember alongside leading global child behaviour experts.

Developed by Movember & Jumbla 

Sleep, Health & Wellbeing

Integrated Safety Support | General Wellbeing
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Setting Priorities & Expectations

Octivo Music Group | Management Training

This course was designed for new managers in the music industry to learn the fundamentals of great management the course teaches the process of setting workplace priories and expectations. 

MoeGo Learning Bites

MoeGo | Software Simulation Learning

This course was designed as a software training program for MoeGo Grooming App. They provide Specialised Client management software for the pet industry. the course goes through everything a new software user will need to know to successfully use the software.

Bud To Boss

Universal Music California | Management Program
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