Learning Management Systems are the online dashboards through which a growing number of students in Australia are learning. They’re easy accessibility and ability to offer immediate, round-the-clock access to students has made them a natural for education pursuits, as well as encouraging the growth of programs designed to be studied almost completely independently.

At Octivo, our experience running an LMS company in Melbourne, and applying these systems throughout Australia, indicates to us that this trend is nowhere near slowing down. The growth in this region is not only due to the ease of student access, but also the dynamism inherent in the modern workplace: many areas of industry are requiring new and better training methods, and for their workers to be better educated, or at the least, kept up to speed. These systems are perfect for allowing flexible and on-the-go learning.

We know there are a variety of degrees of familiarity going in to computer programs, and our talented team knows that the Australian example needs an LMS company sensitive to such concerns. Our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction means we will not rest until you, our client, are happy. Our notable OctivoGrid system provides the perfect dashboard for you and your students, providing learning tools and CMS, and through TinCan software, is even available offline.

When you’re ready to change the way you educate, give our Melbourne team a call.

One of Australia’s finest cultural hubs, Melbourne grew on the shores of Port Phillips Bay through the strength of the Victorian Gold Rush in the mid-19th century. Today, it is known for its tree-lined suburbs and the snappy pace of the busy central business district, as well as the distinctive shape of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.