LMS Developers in Australia have a new standard as Octivo Digital joins the Melbourne scene

The technological revolution is having a profound impact upon education in recent years. Institutions are taking full advantage of the computer age, putting together course syllabi that rely ever more heavily upon the use of online learning resources to educate their students.

Learning Management Software, or LMS, lies at the forefront of these efforts. As a dashboard for educators, this software serves as the bread-and-butter of the industry in their attempts to effectively reach their student base, and LMS developers in Melbourne, and throughout Australia, are taking notice.

These systems must accommodate the varied experience and skill sets of users on both the front and the back end, and as such, must be created with a degree of responsiveness by the developers. Communication and stakeholder feedback is absolutely vital with these programs, and maintaining open dialogue with end users is key to ensuring their functionality. At Octivo, our bespoke learning systems function through our OctivoGrid software, offering you a personalised method for reaching your students, which operates on any LMS. This software is available both online and offline, through the vaunted Tincan system.

At Octivo Digital, we place a great deal of pride in our ability to liaise effectively between our development team and our clients. We regard effective dialogue as the building blocks of any project, and our business efforts emphasise this commitment to a user-friendly, highly-functional, and expertly-designed end result.

When you’re ready to change the way you educate your students, give us a call.

Australia’s second-largest urban centre lies at the south end of Victoria, adjoining the northern end of Port Phillips Bay. Founded by free settlers from Van Deimen’s Land in the early 19th century, the city was boosted by the Victorian Gold Rush, and currently plays host to a number of important cultural events and the Melbourne Cup.