Octivo: Online Learning Developers of Melbourne, Australia

by Lenny Ercoli

When methods change, only the foolish would stay behind in the past. Never has this been truer than recent times in the education sector, where old methods are being quickly discarded, and teaching is becoming more modernised.

And why not? There are myriad reasons why online teaching resources can help your outreach and your students, beyond that which was previously available. Online resources have no class times. They are always open to students willing to learn, they are flexible in their presentations, and they require far less staff to keep and maintain both a lesson plan, and a facility.

At Octivo , our talented team is committed to ensuring that you and your education is availing itself of the advantages of the new technological world. We create user-friendly and functional interfaces which appeal to all talent levels, enabling you to reach out to your students across any distance. Our user-friendly OctivoGrid dashboard allows you and your students access to learning materials and CMS round-the-clock, and it is functional on all types of LMS. It is even available offline, through the TinCan software.

That is the new world of education, and we at Octivo are your bespoke online learning developers for Melbourne and throughout Australia. When you’re ready, give us a shout.

Australia’s second largest urban area, Melbourne is known as a cultural and sporting hub. The various unique suburbs compliment the businesslike atmosphere of the CBD and add colour to the unique landscape of the sprawl. Melbourne played host to the 1968 Olympics and is the state capital of Victoria.

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