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Leadership Development

Ignite your leaders to push themselves to the next level.
Leadership & Development

Just imagine
how it will feel...

A leadership team equipped with the skills, motivation, and insights they need to drive your organisation into the future.

Leadership development is our bread and butter. We’ve worked with organisations, of all sizes, across the globe.

We know that the best leadership programs are grounded in personal insights and aligned to tangible change.

Are your leaders a little stuck? Are you struggling to hold on to top talent? Is there a lack of motivation? Do you keep missing your KPIs?

Work with us and we’ll give your leaders a suite of enriching and highly practical skills.

We know it’s important that your leadership development suite is targeted to your business and the work your people do.

Tailor made for your Industry

We’ll create a diversity, equity, and inclusion learning solution that aligns to your industry.

  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Health
  • Retail
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Financial


What a first time manager needs from leadership development is very different to what an executive leader needs. Work with us to design your core leadership program and a suite of varied streams for the different roles in your organisation.


We don’t all work the same shifts or at the location. Why treat learning as if people do?

We’ll take time to understand how your people work and learn and create solutions to meet them there.

Shift worker? Only have tablets and not laptops? Only have 20 minutes off the factory floor? Whatever it is, we will design a leadership development experience to reflect what your people need.

How We Make This a Reality?

We Listen Carefully
to Your Buisness Needs

Key word: carefully. With Octivo, it’s always tailored to you. We really want to understand who your business is and what your needs are.

  • What’s working well?
  • Where are your leaders stuck?
  • Where should your leaders be taking the organisation?

We’re the experts in asking questions. We know just what to ask to get a real feel for you who really are and what you really need from your leadership development solution.


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We Create Captivating
Learner Experiences

The stats don’t lie. When learning is interesting, we’re more likely to engage. When we engage, we apply what we’ve learned. There are so many ways to engage learners.

  • Intriguing learning content.
  • Real-life examples.
  • Case studies.
  • Interactive tech.
  • Gamification.
  • Choose your own scenario.

We know how to make that happen.

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We Make the Learner Experience Memorable

It’s terrific to have an engaging experience. It’s an important first step. But your learning needs to be more than interesting.

  • It needs to be memorable.
  • You need to see your people applying what they’re learned.

When you work with us, you have the benefit of working with our learning experts. They’ve worked with adults, tertiary institutions, schools, and pre-kindergarten.

They use best-practice learning principles and methodologies to ensure your learning is memorable and translates into measurable action.

Our staff are also accredited in a range of tools, including DiSC, Prism, MBTI, LSI and Genos.

We Provide
Seamless Deployment

We’re not just learning experts. We’re tech experts.
Our expertise allows us to deliver at any scale, in the languages you need, and to the devices you use.

Let us take care of the details, while you focus on your core business.

We Make Metrics Accessible

We create accessible metrics so you can keep track of who is engaging with the learning. Equip yourself with the data you need and show it off to your senior leadership team.


Universal Music Group

We designed a senior manager program to teach the up and coming industry leaders at Universal Music to manage and lead their internal teams.

6 Reasons to Choose Digital Learning

for Workplace Mental Health


Digital learning offers a budget-friendly solution compared to traditional methods, saving resources while delivering impactful mental health training.


Employees can access digital learning at their convenience, reducing stress and accommodating busy schedules for a supportive learning experience.

Team Consistency

Digital learning ensures uniform mental health training across the workforce, fostering a shared understanding and promoting a cohesive workplace environment.


Our solutions can be rolled out at any scale, in multiple languages, and across various locations, making it easy for businesses to train employees regardless of their location or the size of the company.

Increased Engagement

We include an engaging mix of Interactive features like videos, animations, quizzes, and simulations that help engage new employees and make training more enjoyable, which can lead to more information retained.


Courses can be tailored to the specific needs and goals of the business, ensuring that employees receive training that is relevant to their role and responsibilities.

We Use Leadership Expertise

We use our extensive experience working with leaders of all levels to create impactful learning.Whether you need a short suite of learning or a year-long program, we will deliver that for you.

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View Our Pre Made Onboarding Packs

We have created an aray of white label onboarding modules of employee best practices and that can be plugged in to a bespoke program or stand alone.

Honda - The Joy of Learning

Learning Style: Video based / Choose your own adventure / Interactive video

As part of Honda’s new initiative to enhance their customer experience, Octivo created a journey of eLearning modules to aid staff in understanding the model and putting new skills into practice.

Australian Goverment - Compassionate Fundations

Learning Style: Video based / Choose your own adventure / Interactive video

Award Winning suicide awareness and prevention eLearning produced for the Australian Public Service Commission and Department of Defence.


Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Octivo | Digital Learning

This course was designed to provide insight into the subject of biases that individuals may not be aware they have. The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of types of bias and equip teams with strategies to manage and overcome bias.

Australian Open

Australian Open | Team Induction Demo

This online induction showcases a simple way to onboard a large team
of individuals in a time-sensitive environment. Simplifying key points of information, learners are able to pick-up-and-play from any device in their
own time.

Farm To Home

Royal Sydney Easter Show | Online Learning Concept

This online learning concept provides people of all ages with the ability to immerse themselves into the Royal Easter Show from their own home. Through a blended learning approach, individuals interact with a physical mail-out box of items, with the direction of learning driven through the online experience.

Family Man

Learning Style: Video based / Choose your own adventure / Interactive video

Family Man is backed by evidence-based parenting strategies that actually work. Developed by Movember alongside leading global child behaviour experts.

Developed by Movember & Jumbla 

Sleep, Health & Wellbeing

Integrated Safety Support | General Wellbeing
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Setting Priorities & Expectations

Octivo Music Group | Management Training

This course was designed for new managers in the music industry to learn the fundamentals of great management the course teaches the process of setting workplace priories and expectations. 

MoeGo Learning Bites

MoeGo | Software Simulation Learning

This course was designed as a software training program for MoeGo Grooming App. They provide Specialised Client management software for the pet industry. the course goes through everything a new software user will need to know to successfully use the software.

Bud To Boss

Universal Music California | Management Program
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