Ongoing professional growth plays a key role in building and sustaining successful companies. Yet over 50% of companies provide only a week or less of on-the-job training. Leaving almost 60% of the US workforce without formal workplace training. 

More millennials are advocating for professional development within their organizations. Shining light on the huge gap that exists between employee expectations and what companies currently deliver.

A digital learning provider can bridge this gap by enhancing your training programs and strengthening company culture.

What Is a Digital Learning Provider

Digital learning providers are learning experts who design and deliver educational content online. They are skilled at creating a wide range of learning materials like courses, training materials, and assessments.

These specialists offer a variety of e-learning services that employees can use on their computers or phones. Making it easy for them to learn new skills anytime, anywhere. Think of them as the experts who make improving job performance fun and accessible.

Why eLearning Services Are in High Demand

Digital learning allows individuals to learn at their own pace and convenience. Because it’s easily accessible, it makes catering to diverse schedules and learning styles a breeze. 

Compared to traditional in-person training, eLearning often reduces the costs associated with:

  • Constant Travel
  • Venue Rentals
  • Printed Learning Materials
  • High Instructor fees

This makes it an attractive option for those looking to get the most out of their training budgets. Rapid advancements in technology have made online learning more interactive, engaging, and effective.

Features like videos, simulations, and gamification enhance the learning experience. Resulting in better knowledge retention.

With more companies embracing remote work, they can now train employees worldwide. Ensuring consistent learning experiences across various locations.

When Is the Best Time to Partner With an e-learning Designer? 

Knowing the ideal moment to collaborate with a digital learning designer can significantly impact the success of your training initiatives. Here are key scenarios indicating the best times to consider a partnership:

Early Stages of Training Development

Working with e-learning designers from the beginning helps match learning goals with tech and resources. It makes customizing training for a company’s needs easier right from the start.

Company Expansion or Modernization

As a company grows, working with an e-learning designer makes it easier to expand or update training programs to match new needs. You can lean on their expertise to upgrade old learning modules using the latest technology.

Upgrading Old Workflows

Your company’s workflows will continue to evolve over time. It’s important to update employee training accordingly. Working with e-learning designers ensures all in-house training stays relevant and up to date.

Introducing New Technology

E-learning designers can help create learning modules that facilitate a smooth transition for employees. Helping them become proficient in using new technologies or acquiring new skills essential for their roles.

What to Consider During the Hiring Process

Find a partner who knows your field well. They should have experience helping companies in your industry learn and grow.

Check if their tools work with yours. You want something easy for your team to use and that fits into the technology your company already uses. Be open to adopting new software should it be a better fit for your company’s training needs. 

Review their portfolio to see if they make learning interesting. Things like games or videos can make learning modules more enjoyable and memorable.

Understand how much it’ll cost and what you’ll get in return. Sometimes spending a bit more gets you better results. 

4 Tips for a Smooth In-House Training Partnership

Making sure your collaboration with e-learning experts goes well is important for successful training. Here are four simple tips to help make it work smoothly:

1. Define Clear Objectives Together

Begin the partnership by aligning goals. Clarify what your company wants to accomplish through this partnership. 

  • Do you want to upskill your workforce?
  • Streamline operations?
  • Enhance specific skill sets?

Make sure to clearly define the outcome you’re looking for. That way there’s no confusion around final results. 

2. Active Collaboration Breeds Success

Encourage your company’s subject matter experts (SMEs) to directly collaborate with digital learning designers. This makes sure your training content stays accurate and perfectly tailored for your company.

3. Remain Flexible and Open to Feedback

Allow for adjustments based on real-time feedback. Establish regular feedback loops where employees can share their experiences and suggestions for improvement.

This iterative approach helps refine the training program. Making it more effective and engaging.

4. Monitor Progress and Measure Success

Set key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress. Track metrics like: 

  • Employee Engagement
  • Knowledge Retention Rates
  • Skill Enhancement
  • Employee Satisfaction Rates

Regularly assess these metrics to gauge the effectiveness of the training partnership. Use this data to guide future training updates and improvements.

What to Avoid When Building an e-Learning Partnership

Employees engaging with the digital learning platform need an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Avoid providers whose platforms are overly complex or not designed with user experience in mind. 

The quality and relevance of the learning content are crucial. Avoid partnerships with providers that offer outdated or irrelevant content, as it can hinder employee engagement and learning outcomes.

A true partnership shouldn’t end at implementation. Avoid providers that lack adequate customer support or ongoing maintenance. 

Ensure your provider complies with data security regulations and prioritizes the privacy of your company’s data. Avoid partnerships with providers that don’t have robust security measures in place.

While quality is important, ensure that the partnership provides value for the cost. Avoid partnerships that don’t offer a clear return on investment or have hidden costs that might escalate over time.

Hire a Digital Learning Provider You Can Trust

To meet evolving employee expectations, partnering with a digital learning provider like Octivo is a game-changer. We have a decade of experience creating accessible, engaging e-learning experiences. Aligning with the demand for personalized, on-the-go training that caters to diverse learning styles.

By partnering with us, you can align your training goals, enhance your programs, and ensure they’re relevant and effective. Whether it’s adapting to company expansion, modernizing workflows, or introducing new technologies. Our expertise could be pivotal in driving successful training initiatives.

Get started by booking a free consultation with one of our e-learning experts.